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Are you looking for a recording studio in Seattle, WA, to take your audio production to the next level? At Blash Studios, we are committed to working closely with our clients from start to finish, elevating their creativity while sharing our experience, technical know-how, and passion for showcasing excellence.


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Artist Development

Artist development is an essential process any musician goes through on the journey to becoming a professional. Our elite team guides you through this crucial process, from consulting and voice lessons right through to producing and recording.

Podcasts & Voice-Over

Blash Studios’ mission is to use a custom approach to help you fully-realize your vision and truly showcase your individuality. This level of care and attention to detail will ensure that your voice and brand are reflected in every aspect of the final product.


Look no further than Blash Studios for music lessons in Seattle, WA. We are a team of like-minded musical professionals driven by a deep desire to elevate your artistic expression through musical performance and production.