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Voice-over recording in Seattle

Blash Studios’ mission is to use a custom approach to help you fully-realize your vision and truly showcase your individuality. This level of care and attention to detail will ensure that your voice and brand are reflected in every aspect of the final product.

For commercial voice-overs, narration, audiobooks, corporate materials (internal and customer-facing), online learning, podcast production and more. Blash Studios offers the latest in studio equipment and technique to get the elite results. However, professional voice recording equipment shouldn’t be the only consideration. We believe it’s our team at Blash Studios that will make all the difference to achieve the results you desire.

We are an established voice-over recording studio in Seattle offering clients:

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Brian is very nice and is very knowledgeable about different styles of music. He can help a musician in many different ways.

Jonah E, Voice Lessons

I find Bryan to be a great music instructor. I took a voice lesson, and I realized that he knows what he’s doing and cares deeply about helping his students. He knows how to help you find your voice and not abuse it by going out of your range.

LiAnn S, Voice Lessons

Bryan does an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals of singing, providing exercises to assist in learning the fundamentals, and allowing the lessons to be a great deal of fun. Bryan is also a really good person and I enjoy the lessons very much.

Rob K, Voice Lessons

Podcast production with more pop & personality

Many individuals think that podcast production is a simple task: script, record, and publish. However, if you want to create content that attracts listeners and grows an audience, the process often requires the guidance and support of seasoned pros like we have at Blash Studios.

We believe podcast production is a collaborative process where we share our expertise and technical knowledge of optimizing and delivering your message with excellent audio and energy that captivates the intended audience.

These are some of the benefits of working with Blash Studios for podcast production in Seattle:

For those who are interested in what comes after the recording stage, we offer consultation on how to host and distribute your podcast as well. Please contact us directly for more details and podcast production rates.

Certified Audio Engineer and ProTools Certified

One aspect of our business that distinguishes us in the industry is that our engineers are certified audio engineers and ProTools certified. 

What is a certified audio engineer, and why are we a recommended choice for recording and audio engineering in Seattle? A CAE is a trained professional with an in-depth understanding of sound and how to use tools to capture and manipulate sounds to produce audio tracks that attract listeners. 

Our team is passionate about curating exceptional sound quality to captivate your audience. Here are some of our production elements:

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